Who we are

The Aerobiology Committee is one of the many committees which form part of the Spanish Society of Clinical Allergology and Immunology (SEAIC). The principal objective of the Committee is to potentiate research in the area of aerobiology (the study of pollens and fungi which are found in the air) and hay fever (allergic diseases due to pollen).

Although the majority of its members are allergologists, it also includes biologists, immunologists, doctors, laboratory technicians and nurses. It has a NETWORK of collectors (of the Hirst type) over more than 23 stations, monitored by members who have been adequately trained in the capture and recognition of the most important types of pollens from an allergologic point of view.

The committee has been recording counts since 1973 and uninterrupted, year-round counts have been made since 1978. These counts are provided unrestricted and totally free of charge on this site for all interested persons (professionals and patients) on the condition that they are not used for commercial purposes.

The committee is totally open to any member of the SEAIC interested in placing a pollen collector in his/her place of work, as long as this is in a geographical area not yet covered. The committee gives basic courses on how to make the pollen counts (within the programme of continuous education in allergology) and advanced courses for those allergologists who wish to become involved in the SEAICs Collector Network. Those members who are successful in these courses are automatically included in the Network and their data are distributed together with those of the other members.